Monday, July 13, 2015

Words really aren't my thing.

I wish I was better with words.

The truth is, when I read my own writing I see someone who's too technical or too ethereal, too wordy or too concise, too enthusiastic or too melancholy, too too too too tootootootoo...

Why is this?  I mean, it would be great for every word, every paragraph, every post to be in that perfect middle place, where it's not too anything.  Maybe it's a mom trait, or a teacher habit, or a church-y expectation, but perfection is the goal.

But then, it wouldn't be me.

Let's face it: I'm always too something.


Maybe this is what living, loving, being is all about.

It's about embracing imperfection in the right now, while still trying to do better in the next time.

It's about treating people the best I can in the right now, while still looking for new ways to love in the next time.

It's about me being me in the right now, while still leaving room for refining Fire all the time.

My pursuit of perfection is over.  Starting now.


  1. Hi, Amy! This captures my own anxieties about writing with elegance, wit, and authenticity - you have given your own words the lie :) Thanks for this reassurance.

  2. Love your simple message, embrace your imperfections and be nice to others! So true!

  3. How many times did you read your blog before you published it? I read my first entry about 10 times before I was brave enough to hit the button because I was afraid to have a grammatical error in a room full of English teachers. I am also starting now...or maybe soon. :)

  4. I completely relate to your post and I love your final message. I'm ready to be satisfied with imperfection.

  5. Amy, I loved your message. I think blogging is risky, and I have difficulty not overthinking. You have to be willing to put yourself out there for all to view, digest, and respond.

  6. "It's about embracing imperfection in the right now, while still trying to do better in the next time." Amy, I love this line. It captures the struggle about finding the balance in life. Thank you.

  7. Hi Amy, I applaud your openness and honesty. We are all perfect imperfectionists!